Set comes with a marble teacup and a marble saucer.

Measurements (MEDIUM):

  • Cup Diameter (MEDIUM): 8cm
  • Cup Capacity (MEDIUM) : 225ml
  • Saucer Diameter (LARGE) : 14.3cm
  • Total Height (LARGE) : 7cm

Measurements (LARGE):

  • Cup Diameter (LARGE): 10cm
  • Cup Capacity (LARGE) : 385ml
  • Saucer Diameter (LARGE) : 17cm
  • Total Height (LARGE) : 8cm

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Due to nature of ceramic and moulding process, minuscule spec may/not be found on the surface of the product.This will not detract from its functionality and hence not classified as quality issue.

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