Great as a soup/fruit/snack/ salad bowl or condiment/ sauce (for small size). Alternative use as trinket dish/ accessories storage bowl.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Measurement SMALL: 10cm Length| 9.5cm Breadth| 4.5cm Depth
  • Measurement MEDIUM: 15cm Length| 14.5cm Breadth| 7.7cm Depth
  • Measurement LARGE: 18cm Length| 17cm Breadth| 9cm Depth

  • Capacity SMALL: 140ml 
  • Capacity MEDIUM: 600ml
  • Capacity LARGE: 1100ml 

  • Microwave & oven friendly
  • Price indicated for 1 piece/ 3 pieces. Set of 3 pieces will includes 1 of each size (10cm, 15cm and 18cm respectively).

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