Q. Why is product under [AS-IS] CLEARANCE? 

A: No factory can produce 100% perfect products at volume. These are products that failed our stringent quality checks. These are far and few, once gone it's gone. We cannot and will not show individual product defect. These defects do not affect product function and they are not conspicuous without critical inspection.

Product found with imperfections due to manufacturing defect. For it's minor blemish, we are letting it go at discounted price.This is an ideal steal for bargain hunters who do not mind cosmetic flaw. 

Includes 1 Small and 1 Medium size. Please note the size.

  • Dimensions Small: 7cm Length * 6.5cm Width * 4.5cm Height
  • Dimensions Medium: 12.5cm Length * 10.5cm Width * 5.5cm Height
  • Industrially distressed
  • Glass base

Note: Due to the nature of handpainted stents, inconsistencies in paint maybe observed. However,  this will not detract from the aesthetics/ functionality of the product. This cannot be termed as quality issue.

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